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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Deployment Scenarios for Cognitive Radio


This chapter presents a selection of potential deployment and application sce-narios for Cognitive Radio. The chapter goes beyond a simple review of scenarios by considering the viewpoints of several key players in wireless communication research and applications: regulators, standardisation bodies, researchers from the engineering and economic/business communities, industrial partners and compa-nies. In this framework, two key issues related to scenario definition are addressed:

  • An analysis of players that determine the evolution of scenarios, including both technical and economic/business aspects;
  • Study of approaches for classification of CR deployment scenarios, with the aim of identifying a set of elements that allow creating taxonomy capable of fitting existing and new scenarios relevant to CR and SDR.

The chapter opens with an overview of CR scenarios proposed by ITU-R in Section 2.1. It is followed by section 2.2 that describes the CR use cases envisaged by ETSI. Section 2.3 offers examples of CR scenarios developed in several re-search projects. The impact of different regulatory and environmental conditions on application scenarios is addressed in section 2.4, which provides a comparison between feasible scenarios in India and Finland. Section 2.5 highlights the issue of growing spectrum demand for mobile services and suggests how the CR may be positioned to help meeting that demand. This is followed up in Section 2.6 which provides analysis of upcoming mobile scenarios in Europe focusing on the con-cept of Licensed Shared Access as defined based on activities carried out in ETSI and CEPT.
Next, the chapter moves on to aspects related to planning and classification of scenarios. Section 2.7 proposes a scenario planning methodology aiming to sup-port planning and classification of scenarios for Cognitive Radio and to help iden-tify relevant business models. Section 2.8 proposes an approach to the definition of a taxonomy of CR application scenarios, aiming at fitting present and future applications in a coherent framework. Finally, Section 2.9 offers an example of very practical application scenario for deployment of White Space Devices in TV Bands as established by a harmonised European standard EN 301 598.


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